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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Ideas for Easter Costumes and Costume Accessories- Basically everything to do with hares, rabbits, bunnies and any species lying in between!

It is that time of the year again; candy or chocolate filled Easter eggs, costume parties and parades abound (our country really has the best holidays!) Religious connotations aside, I do enjoy this holiday a lot, probably because all the children love it immensely. I once did host an Easter costume party for my nephew and it was a lot of fun seeing how much fun, him and all his friends were having. One of the reasons the party was a success was that, it was a costume party, the other being the hunt for the delicious chocolate eggs! Nevertheless, the importance of Easter costumes cannot be denied.

Like the color green is synonymous with any Mardi Gras celebration, the Easter Bunny is the one for all things Easter. From cute Easter Bunny outfits to costume accessories such as bunny ears, the list is endless. Be it adults or kids, Easter is one of those rare holidays that offers something for everyone. For myself, hosting a costume party for friends and family is the best thing about Easter. Even though with Easter, you technically get only 3 days off (Good Friday and Saturday including), the entire week leading up to the actual day is soo relaxed and jovial that it is like a mini-vacation in itself!

Before I digress any further, let me start by giving you some ideas on the kind of costumes you may want to go for. Be it for any parade or party, you can be sure that you will look good.

Adult Easter Costumes

While Easter may be targeted more at the kids, there is no reason why adults cannot join in, on the fun. Why not throw a nice party for all the grown-ups? If you're too attached to your kids (as you should be, my bad), then an exciting family picnic, boasting of activities such as egg rolling and egg hunting among others, would definitely set the party mood.

Beginning with the women first, it seems Sexy Elf has met her match in Sexy Easter Bunny! For some inexplicable reason, women prefer to go for sultry, come the Easter parties and parades. Hey, I am all for independent women expressing their sexuality and I doubt any of the menfolk have any complains about this trend! Take a look at some of these popular costumes:

Now out of these 3 costumes, the third one that is the 'magic bunny in the hat' is great for any Easter celebration that involves family. The other two are more risqué and should be reserved for celebrating with friends only. With that said, all 3 are fun and flirty and definitely great for an Easter costume party.

Leaving the sexy to the women is probably a safe bet for all men, myself included!  A simple rabbit or bunny costume is a great choice for any Easter party or parade. Check these out:

You can go for a proper Easter Bunny mascot costume, if you don't mind the stuffy feeling that one can get (not my cup of tea though). A simple open face, full body costume is a good alternative..I wore something like the rabbit costume shown above (3rd one), for my nephew's Easter party; needless to say I was a huge success...

Kids Easter Costumes

Easter holds a special place for all children, whatever age they may be. Similar to Christmas, the magic of a fairy creature (Easter Bunny duh!) is especially endearing to them. So, if you are lucky to have children, please do try and make this holiday an eventful and memorable one for them. A good way to do this is by throwing them a super bash, where everybody is in costume and enjoying all the egg hunting, egg rolling and other eggy activities; we do love those eggs a lot!

Considering how Easter is targeted at kids, there really is no dearth of good kid costumes, which are pretty cheap as well. Cute bunny dresses for little girls are a huge hit among both kids and mommies. Take a look at this one:

Pretty in pink and appropriately fluffy, this bunny dress is definitely a good catch. You can look for such dresses, which come in all sorts of variety.

Little boys are easy just like their dads lol, they don't care for looking 'pretty'. Now, I am not hating on the female gender, just merely stating the difference in preference between the 2 sexes. Boys just want to have fun (Take that Cyndi Lauper!) and prefer to go for simpler outfits. Take a look at this basic Easter Bunny costume:

White with just the right amounts of pink, this open-face Bunny Suit is pretty low-maintenance, great for all those egg filled activities (am thinking egg rolling)..Such costumes can even be worn by girls, so if you don’t want to discriminate between siblings and create some jealousy, suits are the way to go!

Ok, now I didn't think I would do this as I find the trend somewhat unnecessary but oh well..Some parents like to dress up their babies or infants as Easter Bunnies, come Easter. The only advice I would give is that importance should be given to comfort, comfort and more comfort, it can't be said enough. There are plenty of options available online such as:

 Cute and cuddly, pretty much achieves its purpose. When going for these costumes, make sure that the manufacturer specifies an internal lining to the outfit; these prevent unnecessary friction between the skin and costume.

Easter Costume Accessories

While I know that I keep harping about how important a costume accessory is, Easter is one of those few exceptions. I mean if you are going for a bunny costume, it will probably come with the ears and tail, so really there is not much to choose from. FYI, I have posted an article about making your own Bunny Ears Headband, so give that a read.

If handicrafts are not your strong point, rabbit ears are easily available. Such as these ones:

White bunny ears headband with pink lining, will get the job done. Make sure you go for the white color only, all the other ones look strangely weird.

With all this amazing wisdom to guide you (just kidding lol), it should be a piece of cake on finding the best Easter costumes and costume accessories. Remember that good costumes need not be the most expensive ones but you should go for decent quality. Let the fun roll, this Easter!