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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

How to create the perfect Easter Bunny Ears Headband for your child?

Easter Day or Easter Sunday or simply Easter is approaching. Now, don't worry, I will be doing an article on how to choose the best Easter costumes and costume accessories for YOURSELF. I do know that you people like to dress up snazzy, especially when a holiday promises lots of booze and chocolates (seriously that combination is the best, they should make it mandatory for all holidays!). But that is for later; right now I am more interested in teaching you how to create an essential Easter costume accessory that your kid will absolutely adore, a cute pair of Easter Bunny ears.

An Easter Bunny Ears headband is delightfully easy to make. You just need a couple of things, which can be easily found in your home, a little effort and patience and you're set. Why spend money on something that can be easily made at home? It would be a better idea to create the bunny ears yourself and then spend money to buy a good Easter Bunny costume for your kid. Trust me, your child won't know the difference between these bunny ears that you create yourself and any of the store bought ones. First, lets take a look at the things you will need....

Materials needed:

  1. A plain headband
  2. White felt
  3.  Pipe cleaners
  4.  Craft boa trim
  5. Ribbon or trim
  6. Hot glue gun with glue

Creating the bunny headband:

  • Once you have gotten hold of a decent headband that fits properly, you need to measure it first. After you've done this, cut the white felt about one and a half inches wide and about an inch longer than the entire length of the headband.

  • Using your hot glue gun apply some glue to the end of the headband (starting at either end) and attach the white felt on to the band. Work first on the upper part of the headband, applying a small stripe down the entire width of the band and then gently smooth the felt onto the headband.

  • Turn the headband over and repeat this on the underside of the headband. First work one side onto the band, then the opposite, working in small sections so the glue does not dry too fast.

  • Lastly, place a small amount of glue on the very end of the underside of the headband, and then fold the end flap of felt over onto the glue to hold it in place. Repeat this for both sides.

  • Now it is time to cover the headband with some ribbon or trim. Place a line of hot glue along where the felt meets together. Work in a straight line, again, in small sections. Place your ribbon or trim over the glue and press down. Work this all the way along the underside of the headband.

  • This finishes our headband. Time to make the bunny ears and attaching them to our 'very recently' created bunny headband!

 Creating the Bunny Ears: 

  • Take one of the pipe cleaners and fold the very ends in about 1/4" each.

  • Using a knife, create a small slit into the top of the felt covered headband. To determine where your ears should go on the headband, first figure out where the very middle top of the headband is. Now measure about 1 - 1/2" to either side. This is where you should make your little cut.

  • Slide the folded edge of the pipe cleaner into the slit so that it lays flat onto the headband. Apply a small dollop of glue to the opening to keep the pipe cleaner in place.

  • Make another slit about 1/4 - 1/2" down on the headband and slide the opposite end of the pipe cleaner into it. Again apply a small dollop of glue. Repeat this step for the other bunny ear.

  • Next apply some glue along the pipe cleaner and attach the craft feather boa trim all the way along the pipe cleaner. Do this for both ears. Once the glue has set repeat this step for the back of the pipe cleaners as well.

  • To finish our little project, apply some glue along the top of the headband and glue the boa trim to the top of the headband as well.

Now, if you have followed my steps correctly, the end product should look something like this:

Well that's that, some hard work and patience required but hey your little boy or girl is worth every bit of it! This pair of Easter Bunny Ears will go with just about any Easter Bunny costume and it took literally less than 30 minutes to make. So, go ahead and hone some of those rusty handcraft skills and produce some good bunny ears. Let me know in the comments section how your little experiment went, I would love to read about them. Also, look forward to my next article in which I discuss on how to choose the best Easter costumes for yourself and your family members. Till then, au revoir!