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Monday, 14 January 2013

Golden Globes Fashion Review: Hits and Misses

Who shined and who needs a reality check?

Ok, before you say whaaat and start questioning my sanity, let me explain. I know I am supposed to give advice on just costumes & costume accessories but even I am allowed to make exceptions. Watching the Annual Golden Globes has become a sort of tradition at home. Me, Louisa and Alexis (our cat), all curled up in front of the TV and passing judgment (me & Louisa that is, not the cat!) on who deserved to win and who didn’t even deserve a nomination, is too good of a pastime. Better still, we like to give our opinion on the fashion choices made by the celebrities.

The 70th Annual Golden Globes, conveniently airing on Sunday evening provided lots of fodder for debates and arguments about who looked stunning and who looked like fashion road-kill. However, Louisa and I managed to agree on some stars that were undoubtedly dressed to impress and some who should have taken a second look in the mirror. So, here’s our list of best-dressed and worst dressed celebrities at this year’s Golden Globes. You should take note as some of the good outfits will make for great costume choices, especially for Hollywood theme parties and masquerade balls.

Best-Dressed Celebrities

There were many starlets who were dressed absolutely fabulous but there are only 4 who can be judged as best dressed. So, give a rousing applause to the:

celebrities-golden globes-2013-female celebrities-Jennifer Lopez-Jennifer Lawrence-Megan Fox-Kate Hudson-Red Carpet

It was a night of the Jennifers as both Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Lawrence ruled the red carpet in their Zuhair Murad & Dior Couture creations, respectively. I thought the 43-year-old Lopez in a body hugging, embroidered nude color gown, looked positively stunning. She gave stiff completion to the 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence. The Silver Linings Playbook star rocked in a floor-length red gown, tastefully accessorized with a simple metallic belt and clutch purse.

Simplicity was the flavor of the day as even Megan Fox opted for an elegant, ivory gown. The Dolce & Gabbana creation with its mermaid cut frame, flaunted the actress’s sexy post-pregnancy figure. While one starlet chose to go all white, another went for the opposite look. Kate Hudson walked the red carpet in a black, gold embellished and cleavage-baring gown. I loved the intricate golden neckpiece & accessory, which made an otherwise drab outfit super-fashionable.

From these 4 beautiful and stylish women, I feel that I must choose one who can be titled, the Queen of the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. A woman who stood out from the long list of daring and sexy prima donnas and she is:

Best-dressed-celebrity-Megan Fox-Golden Globes-2013-Red Carpet-sexy celebrity
Megan Fox, who I can’t believe just had a baby in September last year, looked absolutely ravishing in her Dolce & Gabanna gown. Take a cue ladies, this is how you look sultry and classy at the same time.

Worst Dressed Celebrities

Coming to the part that I know all you people love, it’s time to judge the worst dressed celebrities. Here are the top 4 starlets who should be applauded for giving us a good laugh:

Female Celebrities-Golden Globes-2013-Red Carpet-Jessica Chastain-Halle Berry-Sienna Miller-Zooey Deschanel-Sexy Celebrities

This time tomorrow I will be very surprised if the line ‘Jessica Chastain leaves her chastains hanging’ doesn’t become a trending topic on Twitter. The gown is drab in color, ill fitted to the extreme. The actress who won the Best Actress Golden Globe for her role in Zero Dark Thirty could not have chosen a worst attire for her moment of glory. Accompanying Chastain in the ‘What the hell were you thinking?’ category is Sienna Miller. For the actress, whose Erdem creation defies all logic, the ill fitting of the top is the least of her problems.

The worst of outfits do not necessarily have to be dull colored, sometimes even the liveliest of colors can not save an assemble. Just take a look at Halle Berry and Zooey Deschanel. I absolutely adore Halle Berry but the Versace gown here is just wrong. Wearing a gown that resembles the curtains of my grandmother’s era, even Halle Berry can’t carry that off! Finishing our list of poor outfit choices is everyone’s favorite New Girl Zooey Deschanel. I do not have any harsh words for this assemble. Toss the pearls, get the gown properly fitted and she would have looked great.

As with my previous section, I must now choose a winner in the Worst Dressed Category. A woman who is otherwise absolutely stunning and just needs to get a better stylist:

Golden Globes-2013-Red Carpet-Jessica Chastain-Sexy Celebrity
It is a good thing that Jessica Chastain won the Golden Globe for Best Actress. Because not only was she phenomenal in Zero Dark Thirty but she needs something to erase the memory of this fashion faux pas.

Although I say this every year, I’ll say it nonetheless: This year’s Golden Globes rocked! Not only my favorite movie Argo won the Best Picture award (hurray Ben Affleck) but also my favorite actress Anne Hathaway won the Best Supporting Actress award for Les Mis√©rables. As always, the fashion statements made by the stars were interesting and debatable. Megan Fox might not have been nominated for any Golden Globe but she definitely scored in my books, thanks to her Dolce & Gabbana gown. It was a night of elegance and subtle sensuality. I am definitely inspired to create something magnificent and luxurious. I hope you got the inspiration bug as well, from reading this article that is!